VIDEO: Lynwood Unified Celebrates Arts in Education Week, Ignites Creativity Among Young Learners


In recognition of National Arts in Education Week, Lynwood Unified is thrilled to showcase the exceptional talents of students and the District’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program, which celebrates the transformative power of imagination and innovation within today’s learners.

Lynwood Unified’s VAPA program supports equitable access to the arts to students at all grade levels – from Transitional Kindergarten through senior year of high school – and empowers them to thrive academically.

All schools provide a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and inspires students to explore their passions in such disciplines as band, music, dance, theater, studio art, video production and more. Visit your school’s website or contact school administration to learn more about their offerings.

Join Lynwood Unified in celebrating the power of creativity and enroll in a VAPA program today!